The process of orders handling

User  who reports the demand  will be able to choose the product / service from the catalogue built by the user who manages the company's account and then send a request for approval. Before sending the demand to verification the system automatically analyzes the structure of the basket (demand) of the user and suggests substitutes for purchased products - individually cheaper products that fulfill the same utilitarian function.

The user has an option to choose the substitute or originally shown product/service. The people responsible for approval receive automatic mail or system notifications about the need of verification of reported demand.

Globproc system automatically goes through the steps of the verification of a certain type and size in accordance with the process established by the user who manages the company's account.

After obtaining the necessary approval the demand is automatically processed in the order and sent to the supplier in the form of an electronic message to the specified address, or a file with a specific structure to the specified (by the person in charge of purchasing in the company) place on provider's server.