Description of the e-service

Small and medium-sized enterprises have lack of tools which would support the purchasing processes, what waste a lot of time and money. These companies don't have a tool which would model the process of the document flow for purchasing documents (demand, the acceptance of merit, budget acceptance, orders), what causes that this process often destabilises functioning of the company, distract strategic resources away from production activities and as a result generates losses.

The cost inefficiency also arises from lack of proper budget verification and suboptimal  unit prices purchasing. On the market there are only standard, installation modules of ERP systems (SAP, IFS) which support operational purchasing to a certain extent which are being modified in the process of implementation for the purposes of the specific customer. Due to very heavy costs and the long implementation time, they are unavailable for the small and medium-sized business sector. Hence the idea of creaitng  the tool available to small and medium enterprises which will support them in the area of the operational purchasing.

Globproc Sp. z o.o. offers a tool that will facilitate the operational purchasing (purchasing of products and services that can be cataloged after negotiating framework agreements with suppliers).